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Trip Advisor Excellent zoo but terrible parking lot
Sep 29, 2014 by: Stacey H from Massapequa, New York, United States
I know it doesn't seem important about a parking lot but this really bothered us a lot so I wanted to share the info. There are these cobblestones instead of a tar lot or something smooth to walk on. The reason it was such a pain was we were there in August - wearing sandals- and it really did hurt all of us walking to and from our car. My 10 year old daughter nearly twisted her ankle at one point. The zoo itself is really nice but they need to think about fixing the way to get in and out of it.

Trip Advisor Design makes it hard to see animals
Sep 28, 2014 by: Leo_Traveler13 from Maryland
The exhibits are arranged in a way that isolates the animals from the people but it makes it very hard to see them, especially if there are a lot of people. In several of them, there was only a few medium size windows looking into the enclosures and they were jammed with people. Their elephant exhibit was an exception. The elephants come into the water in front of the exhibit and its a lot of fun to watch them play so close to you.

Trip Advisor Nice day
Sep 17, 2014 by: Christine F from 
Nice zoo, there was construction due to the penguin exhibit. Some areas did not have animals and were closed off.

Trip Advisor Average zoo in a bad area.
Aug 30, 2014 by: GuitarGuy7 from Washington DC, District of Columbia
I went to the Maryland Zoo in May 2014. While I had an overall good time, the majority of my visit was just average. The zoo itself just seemed weird -- from the layout to animal selection. The zoo had no rhyme or reason. Upon arrival, I had to walk down a long, steep walkway for what seemed like forever and then the first thing I see is construction everywhere. I then realize that a deck is the walkway between exhibits, which seemed to be on man-made hills (as if the zoo made it purposefully more difficult to get places instead of just being on flat land). Many of the animal exhibits were poorly designed. In several of them, the exhibit was actually so big that the animals were tiny specks in the distance as they were so far away. Good for the animals, not so good for those actually wanting to see them. The entire "Maryland Wilderness" wing of the zoo (north end) is a total waste of space. It is simply a long and winding path with trees and plants--things you can see by looking out of the zoo's parking lot. No animals seen at all. Don't waste your time. The employees were fairly rude. The few that actually acknowledged my existence when I said 'hi' as I passed either rolled their eyes or sighed when they realized they had to say hello back to me. The drive to the zoo within Baltimore city itself was fairly bad. The area immediately outside of the zoo seemed to be very rough and crime-ridden. Perhaps not the best place to be driving a family of young kids. The zoo grounds itself, however, seemed fairly safe. The surrounding area isn't the zoo's fault, of course, but it is important to keep in mind if visiting. I say skip this zoo and go to the National Zoo in Washington, DC instead.

Trip Advisor Nice variety
Aug 19, 2014 by: pa_shopgirl from PA
Really enjoyed the variety of animals - from polar bears and penguins to rhinos and crocodiles. Well-educated staff available throughout the zoo to answer questions. Very reasonably priced. Best part was feeding the giraffe. Worst part was all of the construction (however, the improvements should be great once done).

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