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Trip Advisor Lots to do
Apr 18, 2014 by: Cawwee23 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
We were here for quite some time and there is a lot to do. We didn't even get to see the Maryland exhibit. Being from Philadelphia, I love our zoo first but it was very nice here. The exhibits were large and the park was clean. Prices on food and carousel were fair. We liked the elephants the best.

Trip Advisor Easter bunny visit at the Zoo
Apr 18, 2014 by: Way-a-dad-sees-it from Baltimore, Maryland
Mega crowded which was good to see for such a struggling zoo, family of five with two adults and three children was 75 dollars. Kids events were nice which included an Easter egg hunt. Should have gotten back in the car and skipped the zoo. As we waited for the shuttle, 20 minute wait and only one shuttle which was probably the most crowded day at the zoo, my 3 yr old needed to use the bathroom. As we located the bathroom it was closed due to an issue. We the made our way to the shuttle, and tries to get on the new train but it was closed for some unknown reason. Major construction all over the place and limited number of basic animals in the African safari section. A depressing visit, I'd skip this attraction and look for another way to spend your money and time. I'm embarrassed for the city that this is the best we can do.

Trip Advisor Major Disappointment. Maryland Deserves Better!!
Apr 14, 2014 by: PamS221 from Westminster, Maryland
Having grown up visiting the "Baltimore Zoo", I was so embarrassed and frustrated with my visit today. I brought out of town company there to visit today. Friday the11th, you posted on your website, that your 3 lion cubs would be out daily 10am-12noon. I cannot tell you how many disappointed families I saw today. After paying, entering, walking all the back to the back of your Africa visit---you assigned your, very kind volunteer to break the news to the visitors. The keepers have decided..,No Lion Cubs today. Tons of families came out today, and you unfortunately, had only one shuttle running. In addition, there are no penguins (yes, we saw the big construction mess in the center of the zoo--they are coming next year) bears exhibit, only one polar bear-who was quite entertaining today, your birds are gone, no tigers (what zoo doesn't have tigers?), no reptiles, no hippos, very few monkeys. Where are the gorillas and orangutans? $80 for 5 'adults' and $65 for lunch. Good Lord, what a rip off. Maryland deserves better.

Trip Advisor Not The Zoo It Used To Be
Apr 13, 2014 by: TFopinion from PA
I first starting bringing my kids here some 20+ years ago because of this small zoo's unique charm and its focus on kid friendly attractions. At that time, the grand entrance and quad right by the main gate made for a great start to the zoo experience. Multiple animal displays were widely dispersed throughout the zoo, stocked with lots of exotic animals and the displays were well maintained. Our visit on April 12th, granted our first for quite some time, didn't feel as good. The parking area and pre main gate area were in disrepair and the previous grand entrance straight through the park from the quad has been replaced by a very long and unnecessary detour left on a winding walk around the old park entrance. The previously widely dispersed displays have been replaced by 3 or 4 pods of animal displays that were not well stocked with animals (rare to see 2 animals per display) and often in disrepair. I saw far fewer animals on this visit that I did at any other zoo. The giraffe area especially looked in dire need of renovation. Top that off with way too much construction going on throughout the park at one time. It's nice to look forward to a new penguin display area being constructed but why let the current one get so run down until the new is up and running. The 20 something park employees were not uniformly attired and many appeared to prefer to sit in their golf carts or zip around in them instead of engaging the guests. And what's up with a $ 24 pizza at the snack bar. I recognize this park suffered financial issues in 2003/2004 and relaunched itself in 2005 as the Maryland Zoo (formerly the Baltimore Zoo) but I'm afraid it still hasn't recovered. I'm all for change but unfortunately at the Maryland Zoo change hasn't been for an improved guest experience.

Trip Advisor A fun few hours
Apr 12, 2014 by: Jonathan K from Pennsylvania
my wife and I have been to this zoo two times, last april and this april. we were primarily interested in going because they allow guests to feed a giraffe (for $2) between 11 am- 2 pm. Last April we were in the area and came around 1 pm, the giraffe had been fed enough for the day and did not want to come out. This time we were first in line at 11 am, and my wife got to feed him 3 times. It was a very neat experience. the ladies at giraffe feeding station are great. on the way out we stopped by the polar bear area- the tundra buggy is very cool- and to our surprise and pleasure one of the polar bears was swimming in one of pools, these pools you can look into from the outside, it was very cool to see a polar bear frolicking underwater with a toy tire, spinning around and diving. A very nice way to spend 3 hours! Cost is ok $17 each, you can get $1 off each ticket coupons in most hotels display of flyers. yes you do have to travel through sketchy parts of town to get there, yes the parking lot is made of bizarre brick, and yes a new penguin exhibit is under construction (set to be completed fall 2014). The zoo is much smaller than the Pittsburgh zoo, I have not been to the zoo in DC. We didn't find the bathrooms by the entrance to be so bad, but the bathrooms by the giraffe house leave something to be desired. Highly recommend the cheetah, jaguar, giraffe house, giraffe feeding, penguin, & polar bear exhibits.

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