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Trip Advisor Beautiful outing
Apr 24, 2015 by: Norma-Budden2014 from Arviat, Canada
My children and I visited this zoo in the summer of 2011. We enjoyed it but the heat was intense; if you are not used to hot summer days, I'd recommend visiting perhaps in April or May when it may be more enjoyable for you. Otherwise, you may want to use 60 SPF sunscreen. What really stands out for me was the camel ride I took; it had been my first time seeing one and I could not resist the opportunity. I was also impressed by the cooling stations in certain areas of the zoo; it was also my first time seeing those. It has lots of animals and some incredible scenery and displays so be sure to take your camera when, and if, you decide to visit. You can enjoy food on site and the zoo has a wonderful gift shop.

Trip Advisor Miss the Hippo house
Apr 22, 2015 by: Shawnwaskey from 
I have MANY fond memories at the zoo. The animals & exhibits are all very beautiful. I do miss the hippo house though! Even if it was dark, smelly & kind of scary...

Trip Advisor Not good during winter months.
Apr 18, 2015 by: 111JCB from Springfield, New Jersey
Reasonably priced zoo. Advertised many animals and exhibits but 1/2 of them were closed because of the season. We walked a lot and saw a limited number of animals. Gorilla show did not go on as scheduled. Baby cheetah was no where. When you arrive, there was a shuttle that took entrees 1/4 mile to the zoo. There was a way to walk out or wait on a long line. I think that there could have been a discount or incentive (like a free ferris wheel ticket). Hopefully, during the summer, visitors will have a better experience.

Trip Advisor Nice zoo, short trip
Apr 14, 2015 by: Jessica M from 
Being from St. Louis where we have one of the best free zoo's in the country, I think most zoo's are going to fall short in my book. There were some exhibits that were nice for a STL ZOO frequent flyer like myself. You could see the giraffe's up close, and the okapi as well. They have a polar bear and we do not currently in StL. The new penguin exhibit was very nice. It was cool and not crowded at all on the Sunday we went. We went with the family we were visiting and we spent almost as much time playing on the slides in the park as we did looking at exhibits. If you went straight through and saw all exhibits it probably would only take 2-3 hours. I got a discount because I am a zoo member in STL but if I hadn't I would have thought it was pricey for a family of 5 for what you get to see while there.

Trip Advisor beautiful animals
Apr 14, 2015 by: Supertough1 from Cleveland, Ohio
the collection of animals appeared nice, but somewhat low on certain primates and big cats, but that could be due to the "off-season" time we visited in.

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