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Trip Advisor Nice zoo, small disappointments
Mar 17, 2015 by: FamilyOutings2014 from Marysville, Pennsylvania
We went on a cold, rainy day in March. Some of the animals were not available, such as the elephants and camels. :( Did not get any kind of winter discount. Best advice I can give is to SKIP the train ride. For an extra $4 a person it takes you around in a small circle with no attractions. Super friendly volunteers (showing some animals up close, like snakes) and some super unpleasant workers, who were terrible with customer service and kept us waiting while they joked around. Best attraction was a large chimpanzee exhibit. The children's zoo is nicely done with slides and caves to explore. I think this would have been difficult to enjoy if it were crowded. Over-all we enjoyed our day, despite some disappointments. I did think it was rather expensive, although parking is free.

Trip Advisor Fun time at the zoo!
Mar 17, 2015 by: Jordan G from Frederick, Maryland
I frequent the National Zoo but this was the second time I went to Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. The roads and upkeep were kinda sub par going in but once inside the zoo it was nice. They provide a nice shuttle to the main part which opened up to the Penguin exhibit and it was really nice! Very clean looking. They offer several different bathroom around the zoo and they are clean. We saw the elephants with the trainers and it was fun to watch. The trainer also asked those watching if we had question and the trainer was able to answer the couple questions we had. It is also one of few attraction open on a Monday so my wife and I were happy about that. The chimpanzee forest was also fun to watch being as the chimps were very active with swinging around and grooming each other.

Trip Advisor Nice, small zoo
Mar 09, 2015 by: PetePope1 from New Orleans, Louisiana
Being an hours drive from Washington keeps Baltimore from achieving greatness, at least with their zoos. But it is a nice zoo, easy to park and with content looking animals in clean enclosures, some of which, the cheetah & the penguin exhibit offer a close up view of the animals. Good gift shop..

Trip Advisor They try hard; have special events and themes
Feb 18, 2015 by: Annapolis2000 from Lutherville, MD
When there is National Zoo in DC, it's hard to compete. The Maryland Zoo is a small zoo, well kept and pleasant to stroll through. Parking is reasonably available, at least on the days we have attended. Nice family atmosphere. The management tries hard to keep the zoo interesting and fresh and I think it succeeds. If you don't expect a zoo on the level of a true national zoo, I think you will enjoy the experience. The surrounding park is a plus.

Trip Advisor See many animals up-close
Feb 09, 2015 by: roadwarrior96 from Ashburn, Virginia
Chose to go on a mild winter Sunday. Not many people. But most animals were outside. A bargain. Special winter rate is $10 per person;free parking Highlights. The new penguin exhibit, allows people to get close. Some penguins walked on ledge adjacent to viewer glass & got face to face with little kids. Same experience with cheetah. A thrill to hand-feed giraffes. For $2 you get to hand-feed leaves to a giraffe. Kids and adults were excited. Had good views of rhinoceros, ostrich, zebras, elephants, and much more. Little kids liked the flamingos and prairie dogs. Free shuttle from gate to exhibit near polar bear saves some walking time.

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