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Trip Advisor Animals & Play Areas + Ride Camel
Jul 22, 2014 by: Carrie0693 from Baroda, Michigan
I was shocked in a good way visiting this zoo. Many different animals, we arrived at 1pm and it closed at 4pm but we got to see a lot and very well educated zoo staff. My major dislike of zoos is animals just sitting in dirt well here it wasn't like that. Ok I wish the animals had bigger areas but all considering they take good care of them and had grassy areas. Of course an animal is happier at home, aren't we all??? There were play areas for kids while u relax. Cash only for the camel ride. It didn't seem over crowded and we went on a Sunday. Nice store with cool shirts & toys. Food places around but we brought our own. I'd go again plus it wasn't far from Sinai hospital big + for us. Kids loved it and were amazed with the animals.

Trip Advisor Great little zoo!
Jul 22, 2014 by: trippedytripper from Baltimore, Maryland
Fantastic zoo with content, well-cared for animals. A wide variety of animals for a zoo this size. It's not huge and overwhelming like the national zoo, but still has a wide variety of animals from Africa, the arctic, and Maryland natives. Also has free parking. Great for families and adults.

Trip Advisor Gem in the Heart of Baltimore
Jul 22, 2014 by: EastcoastSisters from Woodbridge, Virginia
Looking for a rendezvous location for an outing with multiage kids midway between Washington and Philadelphia, our family enjoyed a delightful day at the Maryland Zoo. Set in a gently rolling area, this zoo reminded me of one you might find in Europe with gracious landscaping and natural settings for a wide array of animals. It was very clean and all animals looked healthy and well cared for.. An added bonus were Ranger chats near many of the animals where children and adults could interact with a knowledgeable animal experts. The children especially loved the exhibits that were creatively kid friendly. These included grooming donkeys, walking through a cave, and most particularly, zipping down slides out of a "dead tree" and a barn's silo! The zoo seems to be in the midst of some significant renovations and we hope to go back again when the new penguin exhibit is completed. Restrooms were clean and available. Free shuttle is also available from the admissions area to the exhibit area. Although it is possible to purchase food, we chose to picnic. Tables were readily available and, again, the area was very clean. AAA discount Was a welcome bonus.

Trip Advisor Didn't Know of this Zoo!
Jul 22, 2014 by: SFRHED from Central, PA
Never heard of the Maryland Zoo until we arrived in Baltimore. The clerk at the Hotel we stayed at made mention that Baltimore had a zoo when I inquired about the National Zoo. It was close by the inner harbor - a quick drive - and man am I glad we did. Admission was reasonable and we saw a ton of animals. Downside is that they had a number of animals off exhibit. We could have seen more. Construction is going on to make a new exhibit for penguins, but didn't cause any hassle. Very informative and even had Chimps. Downside: Concession costs are a bit much - $3.00 for a small coke, smalls come with no lids or straws which is not convenient for small kids. Also, replace the glass panels from time to time - some exhibits cannot be seen clearly nor can they be photographed.

Trip Advisor Totally underrated
Jul 17, 2014 by: K R from Washington DC, District of Columbia
We are members of the National Zoo, we go all the time. You know how sometimes you go to the zoo and you feel like you really didn't see that many animals. We saw so much at this zoo. And it felt really personal. We felt like we were close to the animals without being too disruptive to them, a really nice balance. It wasn't too crowded. You know, on second thought stay away from this zoo. I don't want everyone to find out how great it is and make it impossible to get into. (Don't miss the African crested porcupines that live with the monkeys. Super cool!)

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