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Trip Advisor They try hard; have special events and themes
Feb 18, 2015 by: Annapolis2000 from Lutherville, MD
When there is National Zoo in DC, it's hard to compete. The Maryland Zoo is a small zoo, well kept and pleasant to stroll through. Parking is reasonably available, at least on the days we have attended. Nice family atmosphere. The management tries hard to keep the zoo interesting and fresh and I think it succeeds. If you don't expect a zoo on the level of a true national zoo, I think you will enjoy the experience. The surrounding park is a plus.

Trip Advisor See many animals up-close
Feb 09, 2015 by: roadwarrior96 from Ashburn, Virginia
Chose to go on a mild winter Sunday. Not many people. But most animals were outside. A bargain. Special winter rate is $10 per person;free parking Highlights. The new penguin exhibit, allows people to get close. Some penguins walked on ledge adjacent to viewer glass & got face to face with little kids. Same experience with cheetah. A thrill to hand-feed giraffes. For $2 you get to hand-feed leaves to a giraffe. Kids and adults were excited. Had good views of rhinoceros, ostrich, zebras, elephants, and much more. Little kids liked the flamingos and prairie dogs. Free shuttle from gate to exhibit near polar bear saves some walking time.

Trip Advisor Great value and purrrfect animals.
Jan 26, 2015 by: hannah w from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Love this zoo!!! 3 lion cubs! Spread out so can see easy. Very nice staff and cool gift shop. 4ish miles from inner harbor (don't explore surrounding area)

Dec 30, 2014 by: Groovina B from Baltimore, Maryland
FINALLY! For years the zoo was going downhill. It was almost an embarrassment. We still kept a membership just to have a nice place to walk around with kids. The new penguin exhibit is FABULOUS! So many people can visit this one attraction at the same time without feeling completely cramped. THANK YOU! The exhibit looks like a movie set, but there are viewing areas all around - even underwater. The rest of the zoo is receiving a much needed facelift too. Thank you MD zoo for allowing us to bring bagged lunches. It makes things more affordable. There are plenty of bathrooms throughout the attraction. The amusement rides are usually in good working order to include the train. Our favorite part is meeting the zoo staff and the close up animal encounters. I would advise ANYONE who lives here or out of state to spend the day here at the zoo.

Trip Advisor Childhood zoo
Dec 29, 2014 by: Justin W from York, Pennsylvania
The Maryland Zoo is an average sized zoo in the middle of Druid Hill Park. The zoo is fairly easy to find: follow signs to exit 7 (signs for the zoo are seen along the highway as you get closer) of I83 and stay in the right hand land. So despite being in the middle of the city, the interstate really helps. The zoo has three different sections. The artic features animals such as polar bears, ravens, and artic foxes. Maryland Wilderness features animals from the Maryland area such as snakes, bats, foxes, and frogs. This area is VERY interactive. Kids can: jump on pads like frog, climb in a turtle shell, climb a tree like a bear, and more. The arena are themed to look like things like a cave, a tree, a stream, a meadow, and more. A special area is themed to look like a farmland. African Journey features African animals like lions, elephants, tigers, monkeys, and more. The zoo also features several rides such as a train. While my love for the zoo is strong and I go once a year I can't get past that the front part of the zoo is closed. A hard to see and find area of the zoo used to lead to the back, and was full of animals. I asked why it closed and was told because of an uneven sidewalk and fall hazard. I wish they would fix it and reopen the front of the zoo. Don't let that discourage you, come out and see more than 1,500 animals.

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