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Trip Advisor Great Days at the Zoo
Dec 01, 2014 by: Alhel44 from Owings Mills, Maryland
The Maryland Zoo is located in the middle of Druid Hill Park in Baltimore. It is a middle sized zoo and has 3 sections: African Journey, Maryland Wilderness and the Arctic. It is a particularly good zoo for children since the animals tend to be very visible. The recently opened penguin exhibit is especially nice with a waterfall and educational exhibits. The Zoo is open every day from March through December and Friday through Monday in January and February. There is a shuttle to take you from the main gate to the entrance. Visitors need to understand that in colder weather not all of the animals will be on exhibit.

Trip Advisor The first time I have seen polar bears!
Nov 30, 2014 by: Mimi2177 from El Paso, Texas
I really loved this zoo. The price was comparable to the price of other zoo's. This is the only zoo where I have been able to see polar bears so close. I loved them. They were so happy playing in and out of the water. I just loved them. The zoo is really big so u get to see lots of animals. Definately worth every penny.

Trip Advisor Lots of closed exhibits, return shuttle never arrived
Nov 08, 2014 by: whimsical_sd from San Diego, California
Lots of closed exhibits. We rid the free shuttle on Saturday from the visitor Center to the zoo. After visiting the zoo, we waited at the zoo entrance for the shuttle to take us back to the visitor center and that never came. We ended up had to walk to the subway station to get back to the hotel on a raining afternoon.

Trip Advisor Penguins Rule
Nov 02, 2014 by: edahgal from New Jersey
We always visit the zoo when we travel, so this was a must see. Happily the new Penguin exhibit had recently opened and that was fun. However, even taking the free shuttle that runs around the zoo, there was too much walking to see not so many animals. It was a lovely day with pretty foliage, which helped, but beware the over-crowded and under-staffed gift shop.

Trip Advisor ZooBooo
Oct 26, 2014 by: vaayla from Maryland
​ ​I've been going to this zoo for 30+ years, so the nostalgia factor is high for me. Having pictures of my kids in the same exact place and position as myself (eg, the birds' nests and insertable turtles, haha) is a lot of fun. That being said, the zoo itself is so-so. There's a lot of walking (I outvoted my husband on taking the shuttle on the way in, but gratefully accepted his suggestion on the way out). The exhibits aren't bad, but they're nothing to write home about. There were more exhibits open today than there were the last couple times we were there, and the trees were absolutely beautiful. (Definite plus for this time of year.) We were told we'd missed the arctic fox changing her colors by only a couple weeks. The new penguin exhibit was nice. The polar bear bus (thing?) is always neat for the kids. The otters were adorably and unusually active, and even the giraffes were all hanging around outside for once. It's not a big zoo, although it's deceptive to say that - the grounds themselves are largish (hence all the walking), but many of the displays and exhibits are spaced out, which gives the impression that it's smaller. That does, however, give everything a natural, woodsy feel, like the zoo is working around the landscaping instead of vice versa, at least in the "local wildlife" areas. At any rate, this review is mainly for ZooBooo. I hate to say this (because it feels incredibly disloyal), but I wasn't impressed. Maybe it was because we went on the last day of the Halloween weekend and the animals were all Halloweened out, maybe it was just super crowded because it was a beautiful Sunday in October, or maybe I'm just being snobby. (The last four Boo at the Zoos we went to were at the San Francisco Zoo, which is, in my opinion, nicer and more interactive with the animals and pumpkins/Halloween decorations, etc; and the one before that was at Roger Williams in Rhode Island, which is similar in size and quality, but was amazingly decorated.) Honestly, I just like to dress the kids up and take them to the zoo to see the decorations and other kids in costumes. The Maryland Zoo was very minimal on the decorations, both in and outside the animal exhibits. We didn't stop at either of the two candy stations we saw (I'm sure there were more, but we decided within about two seconds of seeing the line at the first one that we were going to skip that feature of the day!). Of the exhibits, the penguins and bats had pumpkins. One of the cat exhibits may have had something in a bag. (I'm definitely sounding snobby now, aren't I. :\ Meh.) Quick note on parking: the last two times we've gone, there have been no issues and we were within a reasonable walking distance. We arrived this morning maybe 20 minutes after opening and parked on the grass in literally the very farthest spot from the entrance (no seriously; we were the last car on an upward slope!). Not an issue, and the parking directors were very efficient , but I definitely recommend getting there early for "special" weekends. Couldn't believe how many people were there today!! (Parking is free, at least.) One more upside: the staff is incredibly nice. The lady at the ticket counter was very friendly, and there were people at various spots showing and/or telling you about the different exhibits and animals. But not in a pushy way. I have two small children (four and six) and several managed to be engaging enough to keep the four-year-old interested and volunteering answers to their questions. (I was impressed. The six-year-old is easy. The four-year-old is like, ooh! shiny!) Also, I'm not sure if it was against the rules, but we brought a bottle of water and some granola bars with us and saw enough other people-with-small-children munching on crackers and rice cakes that I didn't feel like we were doing something criminally wrong. (Unlike other zoos. So that's another plus.) All in all, I think next year we will venture down to DC and try the National Zoo for Boo at the Zoo weekend. Apparently they do theirs at night, which would be a fun twist to the adventure. It's a fun Halloween tradition that we started when the kids were too young to go door-to-door trick-or-treating, but I honestly felt like today was more of a "dress up in costumes and hang out at the zoo" day than anything else. Which, considering that we didn't pay extra to get in, isn't really a complaint. It just wasn't what I everything that hoped and expected. (That being said, we still bought a membership, since we'll probably go back during the summer - because, really, no matter how snobby I might sound, the kids enjoyed the day immensely - and getting a membership once is cheaper than paying full fare twice.)

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