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Trip Advisor Loved it!
Oct 24, 2014 by: KLB2011 from Colorado Springs, Colorado
Being from Colorado we don't see ships like that. I personally got a little claustrophobic in the submarine but it was amazing. We had never heard of a light ship (the Chesapeake). The coast guard cutter was interesting too. Unfortunately the Constellation was not in port. We appreciated the opportunity to see these ships!

Trip Advisor Navy fan and this is a huge piece of history
Oct 22, 2014 by: arizonaac from Phoenix, Arizona
I have been to the historic ships in Boston and never knew that Baltimore also had a similar group of ships. For me the USS Constellation is a great representation of our Naval history. I feel we should preserve the ships from this era to show future generations real life examples of how life was in the 1800's for our sailors. As a Navy veteran who served on ships build from the mid-60's through 80's I cannot imagine the conditions those men served under. Truly a good area to visit several ships in a small area.

Trip Advisor Helpful ghosts on the U.S.S. Constellation will give you a tour
Oct 21, 2014 by: dellavar from Paris, France
The historic ships museum in Baltimore harbor is a transcendental experience if you are enamored of naval history, the sea-going life of old or merely are sensitve t o the presence of very active ghosts. There have been tv shows and news articles written about the ghosts on the USS Constellation. Mediums have talked about the little boy with the blood on his face, and tourists have remarked on the adult sailor "running for his life" or the helpful "Tour guide" in uniform who simply does not exist according to museum officilas.....Go for the immaculately restored and maintained ship, one of many, spend a couple of hours examining the well thought-out displays. And of course, if you like, try to figure out what happened to 13 yr-old Surgeon's assistant "Larry" (He told me his name and ran away) the little ghost in uniform who loos as real and as solid as you and I. You'll be a believer once you meet him and his likely murderer's ghost, I promise you.

Trip Advisor Great location for people interesting in naval history
Oct 19, 2014 by: bitmapped from Morgantown, WV
I've long had an interest in naval history. I frequently visit museum ships when I'm along the coast, and with the 4 ships here in Baltimore, it was a no-brainer for me to stop by. I was a bit limited on time, so I only got to see 2 ships during my visit. I went on the USCGC Taney and the USS Constellation. Both ships were well documented with tons of displays explaining about the ships, how they operated, and how they were used historically. I spent close to an hour on each ship. You could easily spend more time, but I was trying to keep moving so I could see everything. I'd highly recommend touring these ships. I hope to make it back to see the other two ships the next time I'm in the Baltimore area.

Trip Advisor Great history
Oct 18, 2014 by: TCooper4653 from Frisco, Texas
This is a great history stop, it's a great price for the opportunity to see 4 great vessels. Take the kids and they will be wow'd.

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