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Trip Advisor Relive those days of adventure
Apr 18, 2015 by: Kim B from Baltimore, Maryland
I could really just feel the era of the voyagers, when the only challenge was to go as far out as you can to explore new lands. Many past great stories had come alive for me!

Trip Advisor Something for my husband, but I enjoyed some
Apr 18, 2015 by: JoAnn70820 from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
We purchased the pass for all 4 venues and saw the sub, the sailing ship and the clipper. The sub was not my favorite, but the sailing and clipper were pretty good. My husband would say they were ALL good. Definitely worth seeing if you have the time.

Trip Advisor Great family attraction
Apr 17, 2015 by: Jeanette L from Toms River, New Jersey
All the ships are open and you can walk through them. It was interesting to learn the roles the different ships played in our maritime and wartime history

Trip Advisor Surprisingly enjoyable
Apr 11, 2015 by: blueyes0316 from Fort Riley, Kansas
There was a Living Social coupon for the ships, so we decided to add it to our Inner Harbor trip. So glad we did! My 9 year daughter loved every ship we went on. I did too! The history and information was exciting to read. We learned a lot and loved touring each ship, especially the submarine. Watch your head on every ship! We saw a young girl bang her head on one of the ships and we felt so bad for her. We saw her on another ship and she seemed fine, but things do hang low! There are warnings everywhere. The best workers we had on the ships were the submarine and the USS Constellation. They seemed more involved than any other ships and asked us if we had any questions. At one ship the attendant was reading a book and on his phone. That didn't stop us though. Definitely a must see in the Inner Harbor!

Trip Advisor So much to see
Apr 10, 2015 by: RexFoga from Dayton, OH
The USS Constellation is the main attraction, but all the ships are worth seeing as part of a visit to the harbor.

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