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Trip Advisor USS Constellation
Nov 19, 2014 by: Travvllr from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Is presently in drydock, which was disappointing. Other ships were interesting, but I'll have to come back to see the main focus.

Trip Advisor Takes you back in time
Nov 12, 2014 by: Bluey V from 
An amazing tour not only educational but an incredible experience to be on the ships that took part in these historical events. So here is my tribute to those heroes who served for us. Check out the video and check out the links to learn more about these ships. Special thanks to my buddies for putting up with my gear and 'letting' me follow them around. Make sure you watch in HD

Trip Advisor ships ships ships
Nov 09, 2014 by: Kathryn N from 
toured the torsk submarine,coast guard boat and light house. Very interesting history tour returning for the others, great deal.

Trip Advisor Cross section of ships
Nov 09, 2014 by: Ruggerlynn from Washington DC, District of Columbia
Great opportunity to see different types of vessels used to support our country. Great for kids! Lots of climbing and stairs, so recommend for kids who can move around on their own or be carried.

Trip Advisor Excellent when it's open
Nov 09, 2014 by: AnnArborMiBob from Ann Arbor, Michigan
I gather that the USS Constellation is in dry dock as I write this, but it was open and available for touring earlier in 2014 when I visited it. This is a piece of history *not* to be missed if you are in Baltimore, and you should take the time to poke around in it everywhere since the informational signs really bring 19th century seafaring alive. One warning if you read about this from old history books: This is *not* the original USS Constellation that was the sister ship to the Constitution, as was claimed when I first visited this ship decades ago. In one of the most astonishing cases of mistaken identity in naval history, that was thought to be true when the ship was first put on display in Baltimore years ago (though there have apparently always been those who had their suspicions about the claim). This one was built in 1854 after the original Constellation was declared unsalvageable a few years earlier and torn apart for scrap. You can search around on the web for the history of all this, but in any case this replacement for the original is still very much worth the price of admission and a few hours taking it in.

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