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Trip Advisor Little ones loved it
Apr 18, 2014 by: Rainymomsjersey from 
We took our 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old daughter and son. They absolutely loved it especially the diner and the water area. The bubble pulley maker was a hit. They also made butterflies to take home and played in the Tot Trails. Great when there were not a lot of people earlier in the morning but we felt overwhelmed and left around noon when it was extremely busy. A nice bonus for me as an overprotective mom was the bracelets that we all wore being checked on the way out, however my kids both started picking at them within a half hour of putting them on. If it was closer to home, we would definitely go again but only when quiet.

Trip Advisor Worth the trip
Apr 18, 2014 by: MissNikkii from Manchester, Connecticut
We visited Port Discovery for the first time and was glad we made the trip. The overall first impression you get while walking in is, Wow! They have so many different areas where the kids can play and it's appropriate for all ages. My three year old had a blast!!! I also appreciated the staff checking bracelets of myself, husband and son to make sure they matched. The museum was extremely busy but it didn't feel overwhelming. Parking is offered next door to the museum or around the corner.

Trip Advisor unorganized
Apr 07, 2014 by: Jasmin C from East Brunswick, New Jersey
Went on a Saturday. It was a zoo.No supervision from the museum. Rude patrons. Waste of money. The only good thing was they checked my bracelet and my son's to make sure they matched before letting us out.

Trip Advisor FABULOUS!!
Apr 05, 2014 by: AWCGaya from Mahomet, Illinois
We loved it! We live near the Indianapolis Children's Museum, which we think is exceptional, and I believe Port Discovery was right up there with it. There was so much for the three-year-old in our group, we couldn't even get to all the areas. Loved the diner area, and the fruit sorting area (who knew?), and if I were still a kid, I probably would have just squeegeed windows all day in the water area! I was continually amazed as the wonderful use of space. Every time we turned around, we found something new! Well done!

Trip Advisor Non Stop fun for all ages
Mar 30, 2014 by: Roberts1122 from 
Our family visited the museum yesterday. We have 4 kids,ages 16months, 5, 8 , and 10 needless to say we have a hard time finding a place to go where they all can go and be engaged. When we first came in the first thing we saw was a massive jungle gym that spanned as high as the ceiling and the width of the museum. My husband follwed the older kids in it, while I took our baby in the "tot room" for ages 3 and under. It a pretty big time with a sand box, play mat and other little activities. She had a blast! She's fascinated with steps and there was a little sand"dune" with steps for all ages even crawlers. And I must add the room was spotless , and I'm a pediatric nurse so I have very HIGH standards. Later in the day we travels to the "diner" with all the kid. The diner is complete with a full kitchen, stove, refrigerator, cash register, booths and tables, even a jukebox. There were plenty of props and toys ; play good, kitchen ware, for each kid in there to have an armful. Even the other parents played along and pretended to place orders, too cute! Afte about and hour we convinced the kids to move on we found a mystery house. I read some of the reviews here that said the house was a little worn out, I thought the house was charming, a few props had a little wear and tear but you can hardly notice it, c'mon people, hundreds of kids go through there, it's going to be a little tattered! Our kids didn't really notice, they were busy solving the mystery. My favorite was the "waterworks" room, they have a large basin in the middle for kids to play with Legos a waters wheel and there was a high hair clipped on the basin for our 16 month old to sit, our 10 year old tried out a exhibit where you stand inside a bubble, They even have little raincoats and crocs kids can wear so they do t get too soaked , if they do there a dryer station with a heat lamp to dry off. We came across a farmers marker with little baskets to shop with. And Egyptian exploring cave, with puzzles among other things, on the bottoms level there's a Lilly grocery store, yes I'll admit the food and toys were all over the place, but if parents would pick up after their kids, there wouldn't be a problem. I thought the staff was very friendly, every one I saw in a blue shirt was busy returning a lost kid, showing a child how an object worked, I must say, they were even more energetic than some of the parents trudging along behind their kids. All in all we had a great experience, there were so many exhibits and things to do, we're planning a trip to go back next month to explore the ones we missed. Hope that helps

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