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Trip Advisor Kiddie Bliss
Nov 09, 2014 by: BrendanBar from 
This is the place to bring your kids (2-10 yrs). There is more than enough divisions of play to keep them busy, entertained, and further engender the curiosity to learn. But, if you find yourself struggling to act as the catalyst for energy, you need not worry. At some point, you're bound to run into Curious George, the larger than life mascot version of the intrinsically curious, cartoon monkey of the same name. He's sure-fired to get your children's spirits soaring, and he's a great photo opportunity. If George ain't enough, the museum itself along with its incredible staff will naturally whisk them away to wonderment. Just one thing, though. Make sure you eat before showing up to this here museum, or else you'll be sure to find yourself strangely craving plastic food meals, something your children will take much interest in. You'll see once you're there.

Trip Advisor A wonderful place to kindle curiosity
Nov 05, 2014 by: AJ_Neil from 
Our kid was only 2 yr when we went. So the most time we were in the water related activities & small kids stuff, which is limited. But this place is dimly awesome. Starting from a grocery store to the great rides & tons of learning by doing Wait for the child to be at least 4 yr old before he fully enjoys it ...

Trip Advisor Awesome things to do for kids
Oct 23, 2014 by: TastyMagazine from Columbia, Illinois
I went here with my kids while me wife attended something in nearby Cockneysville(sp). I went here just as there was several other fieldtrips there at the same time. They have a huge climbing area for kids, a lot of fun problem solving activities and so much to keep kids busy. When I go to other cities, it is great finding things that are both okay (money wise) and good at keeping kids busy.

Trip Advisor Good variety of events.
Oct 06, 2014 by: Stefnbama from Rok
The center has a great variety of activities. A few were in need of repair, but with the volume of children using the facilities...well done. We attended with a child who has mobility impairment, the access was more than adequate. One issue, not exclusive to Port Discovery, was parents not minding their children...several times we were waiting our turn and children merely butted in front of us. I was comfortable enough to explain to these children about taking turns and that we had been waiting. The water room was the highlight of our visit...the bubble maker and static surf board were our favorites.

Trip Advisor Great place for fun with kids.
Sep 27, 2014 by: Tauheedah from Newark
Had a great time with my 4yr old son and 8 month old daughter. The both enjoyed all of the colorful exhibits. It was a pretty busy day but I expected that for a Saturday. After playing at the museum we ate at Joes pizza across the street. Great time. Will be going back for sure.

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