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Trip Advisor Delightful Nostalgic Afternoon
Sep 16, 2014 by: suzq720 from Baltimore, Maryland
The Geppi Entertainment Museum is sure to delight any adult who has played a board game, played with toys, watched television and movies, played records, or read comic books. It is a collection of memories far greater than I expected, and a delightful poke at nostalgia from my childhood to the present. From early televisions with footage of the Honeymooners, I Love Lucy, and others--- to the lovable Disney characters, ET, Howdy Doody, and other greats----and yet so much more, the 2 hours spent there brought a smile to my face around each corner. The collection is artfully arranged in many rooms and halls by eras which correspond somewhat to decades. Woven into the entertainment ephemera are significant dates in history. The tour begins with a heavy emphasis on Geppi's comic book collection which is amazing and continues to highlight all aspects of the field of entertainment. It is housed on the second floor of the Sports Legends Museum, next to Camden Yards. Easy access by light rail or car. Check Groupon for discounted tickets. Plan to spend at least two hours there searching through the displays for toys and games from your childhood. You'll be happy you chose to do so.

Trip Advisor Really Cool!
Sep 14, 2014 by: Joey R from Macungie, Pennsylvania, United States
Geppi's Entertainment Museum is a really cool place if you are in to comic books. This museum houses a HUGE comic book collection and more! There were some really cool displays and the gift shop was really cool!

Trip Advisor Great memorabilia/pop culture stop; worth a visit
Sep 11, 2014 by: Real_FoodieToronto from Toronto
I'm a big comic book fan, so Geppi's was a priority visit while in town for the weekend. But the overall museum is good for anyone who likes memorabilia; they'll find things from their past and childhood no matter what, and lots of interesting other things to explore. There's a nice mix of collectibles in the place covering a pretty wide range of eras and topics, and the layout is nice and easy to cover in an hour or two. My only minor complaint is that there were not quite enough commentary plaques on the displayed items; the place is more of a showcase of items than a museum, but that's all I can critique. The gift shop was also a nice part of the visit.

Trip Advisor Great if you love comic books and pop culture
Aug 29, 2014 by: Alysia R from Chicago, Illinois
My fiance and I are huge comic book fans, so we HAD to check this place out. I must say, we both totally geeked out. Their collection of vintage comics was pretty extensive and it was cool seeing old movie posters and propaganda posters on the walls. This is a very interesting museum and the entry fee is not too bad. We ended up spending quite a bit in the gift store.

Trip Advisor Pop Culture Paradise
Aug 27, 2014 by: DestinationDiaries from Louisville, Kentucky
Geppi's Entertainment Museum is a one-of-a-kind experience that will delight absolutely anyone who enjoys many of the exciting facets of pop culture. With exhibits that will send you back to your childhood, and then blast you back to present day with fresh, interesting new displays, this a MUST SEE attraction in Baltimore. Their "A Story In Four Colors" exhibit literally fills a giant room with comics of all shapes, age, and characters. I truly believe that some people spend ours in this room, occasionally letting out the hushed whispers of "Oh I remember that...", or "I had that one!". Throughout the rest of the space, expect to experience classic toys, musical revolution, and plenty of super heroes, to mention a few. This is a place that definitely eludes traditional description, as that it will amaze you in at least 100 ways before you exit the building.

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