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Trip Advisor Wonderful Winery!
Dec 27, 2013 by: VacBruen from Owings Mills, Maryland
One of the first wineries my wife and I visited (years ago) and we love to go back from time to time to sip some excellent wine, grab a few bottles and chat with the folks who run the place. On our last visit the guys were bottling the 2012 Marisa ( a delightful red) as we arrived on scene. We had the pleasure of sampling a freshly bottled number and it was delightful. (2 bottles - 1 now gone). The Lorenzino Reserve (red) is deep and lustrous and again a bottle went home with us. So - the tasting room is tucked inside what appears to be an old rustic barn and is really quite it an old downhome feel. There are vines only feet from where you enter the tasting room. As you drive up Falls Road and approach the turn in you can see the vines adorning the hillside. Mr Basignani has a top notch product and he and his staff are very affable

Trip Advisor Wine quality doesn't match the winery
Nov 25, 2013 by: Mike D from Frederick, Maryland
Went there 11/24 for a tasting. Wines are very good, the guy giving our tasting was very informative, is part of that family so knows all the history which was interesting. One the oldest wineries in MD I believe. The tasting room is charming I suppose, but looks like very little has been done to it in a coupla decades. I suppose they see the bottles with 10+ years of dust on them as a feature not a fault. To each his own I suppose. The grounds of the place could use a little help but probably looks a lot better when everything is green. I suspect they have a very loyal following, but it could be 10x better with not much invested. They also have good rosemary infused olive oil. But again....the wine was great with a wide selection. I put average only because the place could really use an overhaul on aesthetics, but I suspect that may be on purpose.

Trip Advisor A pleasant way to spend some time and sip some wine
Nov 04, 2013 by: clarebear05 from pennsylvania
I found the Travelzoo certificate and thought it would be something fun to do. It was! Driving south on I-83 from PA, we got off the interstate early and took some beautiful back roads to the winery. I thought the tasting room was very cozy. It is dusty, which I think is kind of weird and some skylights in the roof would really brighten the place up, but I liked the atmosphere. It wasn't too busy when we arrived so we had no problem getting a "server" to walk us thru our selections. Brenda was a lot of fun to talk and joke with. Our cheese plate had nice size chunks/slices of brie, parmesan, asiago and a figgy goat cheese. How can you go wrong with wine and cheese I ask you? I tried all their reds. I'm accustomed to PA wines which generally are very sweet. And I thought this winery had more balance in their wines. My personal favorites were the Marisa which was their sweetest red and their Cabernet which had the most incredible fresh, jammy, fruity smell. Just delicious. We had quite a bit of cheese left over after the 8-tastings we each had, so my bf bought a glass of wine and we sat outside with their border collie and enjoyed a gorgeous autumn day. When it was time to check out I got my free bottle of wine. I could have had their Lorenzo Reserve, but I preferred the Cab, and since the Cab was cheaper, they had no problem switching it for me. We ended up buying a bottle of the Marisa, the Marisa Dolce and the Cab. We really enjoyed our visit and we'll go back in the spring when the buds are blooming on the back roads of Carroll County.

Trip Advisor Decent Winery
Aug 06, 2013 by: LessWork M from Reston, Virginia
Since I live in wine country in VA my guidelines are a bit tougher than most. Basignani is a nice place to visit but I think this is one of those, visit once seen enough places. Don't get me wrong, some of the wines are quite nice (we bought a half case), but the sitting areas and common spaces leave much to be desired. I recommend management take a visit to Fauquier county VA or Charlottesville, VA to get a better idea of what I'm talking about, the wineries down that way are great for relaxing, sipping wine, eating artisanal cheeses, listening to live music and just an overall scenic environment that doesn't feel like you are camping in the woods.

Trip Advisor Okay but has potential to be much better
Jul 04, 2013 by: Boricua78 from 
My husband and I recently visited and have mixed feelings about the visit. On the bright side, we did like the wines we tasted. Our wine tasting fee ($5 I think) allowed us to select 6 wines so we each chose different wines to get a diverse sampling. Having visited many wineries in Maryland and Virginia, the wines were pretty good. As someone who makes sangria at home, I did enjoy their bottled sangria and my husband really enjoyed Eric's Big Zin - I actually enjoyed some of the sangria last night. The grounds outside are nice and offer ample seating to enjoy your wine and take in the sun. On the not so bright side, the tasting room is a bit cluttered and has dogs walking around. I am allergic to dogs so did not enjoy the one dog that kept coming over to rub up on my leg. Also, the wine tasting pours were on the small side. If they declutter, get rid of the dogs and offer more substantial pours, I think the place could be great. They offer brick oven pizza/movie nights on Fridays during the summer so the place definitely has potential.

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