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Trip Advisor Save your money!!
Apr 11, 2015 by: Stacy_Raffo from Craigsville, West Virginia
This is the first time I've ever felt compelled to write a review although we travel several times a year. We decided to try this as something like Dixie Stampede....boy were we wrong! It doesn't even hold a light to Dixie Stampede, you may think the show is ok if you've never seen anything like it. Our kids (8 and 11) felt it was very SLOOOOW, we agreed. There was too much music with a horse dancing around or riders doing figure eights and not enough action. We did enjoy our server Greg, he was nice and quick. We also though the food was ok, I think Dixie is better but the food was ok. With the exception of dessert, for a $60 meal you'd think you should get something more than a apple turnover that seemed to come from a vending machine. We were also annoyed at the drink options, or lack thereof, only water, tea and pepsi. Again, for $60 I thought my kids could have a lemonade. It wasn't a bad experience it just fell very short of our expectations and given the cost of this activity.

Trip Advisor Fun For the Whole Family!
Apr 10, 2015 by: Marcy D from Columbia, Maryland
I visited on a Thursday night in April with my husband, 2 year old, 10 year old nephew, and in-laws. We had a wonderful time! I had been to the location in Orlando as a child, and this performance and dinner was much better than I remembered or expected! We were able to get "buy one, get one free" adult tickets through the website, which reduced the price substantially. Had I paid full price, I might have been a little less impressed, but at just under $40/person (kids under 3 free if they sit on your lap), this seemed like a great value! The show started at 7:30P, and there were some diversions in the waiting area, including photo opportunities, which we later purchased (2 large framed pics for $30). The showmanship with the horses and fighting was really good! Our group included all ages, and I think we were all interested and impressed throughout the nearly 2 hour show. The food was tasty and plentiful, and our server was helpful and efficient. Vendors came around selling alcoholic beverages, photos, and souvenir flags while we were seated. This was really a great outing (if a little kitschy), and I highly recommend it!

Trip Advisor "The best day of his life!"
Apr 06, 2015 by: the_fsm from Norfolk, Virginia
We saw the show last night on a trip to D.C. The cost seemed so much to us as a low income family, but it was worth every penny. My 9 year old son had tears in his eyes when the jousting was about to begin and he told me "Thankyou Mummy, I never dreamed I would see real jousting, this is the best day of my life!" - that right there is worth the money. My 11 year old daughter caught a flower from the red/yellow Knight, who she proclaimed to be the most handsome and she wants to press the flower to keep forever. My 5 year old son yelled so much he can hardly talk today - the atmosphere was amazing and the outrage on the kids faces when their hero lost was hilarious - "but the red knight CHEATED!" they told me, disgusted at a sneaky crotch kick... I heard a 4 year old girl next to us yelling "Slice him!" when one knight was fighting with swords... just so much laughter. The food was ok. I was disappointed the rib advertised on the menu wasn't there, as our fussy eater prefers ribs to chicken, but there was plenty of food and really that wasn't the point of it. Will we go again? If we can save up for it. Next time we will make costumes too. Memories were made last night. Thanks! It would be even better if they had some jugglers or stilt walkers or something as well...

Trip Advisor Extremely Disappointed
Mar 19, 2015 by: Destiny H from 
I am very upset with the lack of customer service. I purchased tickets for my husband and I last week while vacationing in Washington DC; however due to a marathon and completely outrageous traffic we missed the dinner by 45 minutes. I've have contacted the company numerous times regarding some sort of help, and apparently it is company policy for no refunds. Its very upsetting because the dinner is not a cheap buy, and I was basically told to swallow the loss. I have heard great things about the restaurant and show, but its a shame that due to uncontrolled circumstances I am out of luck. Most likely will not be trying to return just due to the struggle to get help.

Trip Advisor i'm in love..
Mar 15, 2015 by: taracam81 from Crisfield, Maryland
what can i say this was the best, dinner was good the show was awesome and the staff was very friendly. i will be coming back again.

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