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Trip Advisor Nice show
Aug 22, 2014 by: bobader from Kuwait City, Kuwait
My kids loved the show very much and every seat is a good seat we went for the lowest rate , and we got a good spot. the food way good , but you have to eat every thing with your hand no silvers , the plates and cups was dirty , my kids had a stomach ache after that and the vomits when we arrived to the hotel, Overall nice show and story.

Trip Advisor Fun way to start vacation
Aug 18, 2014 by: prtyof5 from Rochester, New York
Traveling from Up state NY we had arrived a day early before leaving on a cruise from the Port of Baltimore. . While shopping for a few last minute things at the Arundel Mall we stumbled across the Medieval Times Dinner theater. We didn't know what to expect since it is in a Mall but figured at the low price of ** $35.00 pp (dinner and show) we couldn't pass it up. For lack of a better word "WOW" !!! The food was excellent, the show was entraining and well as interactive with the audience. Lots of fun for all. The dinner, which you eat with your hands, consist of soup, chicken, potato and a roll. Your choice of Pepsi, water or ice tea. They do offer a vegetarian meal. ** found out that the $35.00 price was a summer special they were offering. Parking is very tricky as it is at a very busy shopping mall.

Trip Advisor Anniversary Celebration
Aug 18, 2014 by: Dolores W from Virginia, United States
Celebrated our 32nd anniversary with the Baltimore Court. The show was amazing. The red/yellow knight was awesome. His horsemanship was outstanding. I would recommend this show to people of all ages. I can't wait to bring my grandchildren for our next celebration.

Trip Advisor Awesome but also bizarre: scene out of Roots
Aug 15, 2014 by: Pannipannini from Baltimore, MD
The whole show is really impressive for adults and kids - knights on real horses and a well-orchestrated demonstration of how this was done. I would recommend this for families and adults - great entertainment and the food is not bad either (had the vegetarian and meat options between us and both were fine). Ok, but there was something bizarre about the "story": all of the knights, the king and the princess are white. The one bad knight (who plays an emissary of some evil king from afar) is the only African-American actor/performer in the entire performance. Oh, and here is where it gets even more strange: he doesn't die after being defeated by the green knight. Rather he is out in chains/ropes (couldn't tell exactly) like an animal (much like slaves were) and dragged away by his captors. You have to admit...really? That has to change. Why can't the king be black? Or one of the regular knights on horses? Maybe roles are rotated regularly and the above scenario does happen. But even so, 400+ people saw the version we saw - and they shouldn't have. Someone ought to give that some serious thought.

Trip Advisor I was much impressed
Aug 14, 2014 by: charlieofpti from Natchitoches, Louisiana
I had little information about what to expect before hand. "Some demonstrations of fighting and jousting" was about all the information I had. The horses were beautiful and excellently trained. It was, in fact, a dinner theater with a Medieval theme. I do not want to tell more. If you like horses you will love the show! Charlie C

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