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Trip Advisor Good Entertainment
Dec 18, 2014 by: Michael G from Bowie, Maryland
It is a very nice experience for the whole family. The "play" is a little corny but it has to be to entertain a wide range of ages. The food is good though very few choices. It is a special event and/or once a year treat for the family.

Trip Advisor Knights, horses, and fun
Dec 18, 2014 by: CarolynInMaryland from Maryland
This is a great experience for visitors and special occasions. Don't pay extra for the "announcement of your special event" though. It becomes a drone with a hundred different events, and people stop listening and clapping after the first few. The knighting ceremony is super cool for a kid's birthday. Alcohol drinks are expensive so be prepared to shell out the money if you want them. It's cheaper to head across the street to TGI Fridays or the Greene Turtle for beer. If you are visiting though, the souvenir glasses are cool. Also, arrive early in order to get a seat inside the castle foyer area prior to being seated inside the show. If you have people allergic to animals, take allergy medicine/inhaler with you. The horses can trigger allergies, especially if sitting up front. The royalty package is worth the extra money since you get to sit closer to the action. The picture is over-priced, but we buy it anyway. I have several. They have the date on them so we can see when different people visited us. Try to find coupons online or join the mailing list prior to the show. Check their specials on their website as well. The full price for royalty package is nearly $60. I just got an email coupon from the mailing list for $33 ($10 more to upgrade to royalty). We've always had a good time there, but keep in mind that they play the same story for about five years before they change it up. Also, keep in mind the total price tag. After tickets, extra drinks, picture, and upgrades, we usually spend about $60 - 75 per person, including the tip you should be adding on at the end. A gratuity is included, but it is small. Tipping is expected.

Trip Advisor Always a great time!!!
Dec 18, 2014 by: dsnyfan08 from Jessup, Maryland
We attended a show with some friends from out of town and had a great time. We normally come here about once a year and it never disappoints. The food is good, the show is great, and they do a good job of immersing the audience in the time period. I would recommend showing up early because they do little side shows where they "knight" kids, you can meet the cast, have a drink at the bar, and wonder around the shopping area. Just a note: the attraction ticket does not include the tip for you server in the arena and because you don't receive a bill at the end of the meal, I always be sure to bring cash for a tip.

Trip Advisor Good show, good people.
Dec 09, 2014 by: La_Dame_Rouge from Virginia Beach, Virginia
This was our first visit to Medieval Times. I took advantage of their website offer and got a great deal on tickets for my family ahead of our trip to Baltimore. We were a few minutes late after parking, but fortunately, we were able to be seated just in time for the show. When we went to the ticket window, I explained to a lovely young woman behind the counter that our son was unable to eat his meal due to a health issue that requires a medically supervised diet. She was so sweet about it, very sympathetic, and she suggested that we wrap up his meal so that we could enjoy it later. I thought this was a very nice touch. We then made our way to the entrance and received our green crowns and took a family picture at the behest of a young photographer. (It actually came out well, so we bought one.) There was loads of medieval looking merchandise but we didn't have a chance to look at it since we were in such a hurry to get to our seats. I wasn't expecting anything special in the way of seating since I hadn't paid for any upgrades--but we ended up front row right next to where the knights ride out. That was great! I suspect the nice gal behind the counter had something to do with our seats. :) The food was plentiful. Half of a chicken was on each of our plates, along with ribs, a massive slice of garlic bread, and a tomato soup to start, followed by a pastry and coffee. It was fine--as long as you don't expect a gourmet meal, you won't be disappointed. After all, you're eating it with your bare hands. The price of the ticket is mostly for the show, which is enjoyable and just plain fun, especially for the kids. The service was good, not fast, but not exactly slow, either. The servers are very busy attending to all of the patrons at once, so you do have to wait your turn as they go down the line. The knights are cocky and amusing, and the horses are gorgeous. The jousting, which happens close to the end of the show, is the best part (in my opinion), but the demonstrations are fun to watch as well. The jousting looked realistic to our older son, who genuinely worried that the knights were injured. All in all, a good time!

Trip Advisor Good food, good fun
Dec 02, 2014 by: Evan M from 
Went on a Groupon deal with the family. Loads of fun and excitement. The food was tasty and the show was fun. Great family outing, even if it is a bit weird seeing horses and falcons in a mall...

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