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Trip Advisor Inspiring and Awestruck
Nov 03, 2014 by: Jaime S from Frederick, Maryland
I learned quite a bit about the Medicine that they were able to give during this time. There are some things that could have been a little better, but I am sure that they will work on this in the future.

Trip Advisor Great Place
Nov 03, 2014 by: lynelltravels2014 from Frederick, Maryland
I love history and all types of museum. This museum puts the Medical History into perspective for that time period and also compares medical milestones, on a smaller scale to this time period. WORTH it!

Trip Advisor What a disappointment
Oct 29, 2014 by: PhoenixRobin from Phoenix
I thought this museum was going to be fascinating because of the subject matter and we really kind of went out of our way to visit. What a disappointment. I didn’t learn anything that I had not seen or read about before. The displays are setup so that you have to read your way through the museum and frankly it got tiresome. It covers two floors, but they are partial floors. If I was bored, I can imagine children being bored silly. Maybe I wouldn’t have been as disappointed if it had cost $3 to get in, but at almost $10, it really wasn’t worth it. I wish I would have spent my precious time seeing another attraction.

Trip Advisor Worth stopping for in Frederick
Sep 20, 2014 by: lablovr00 from Sugar Grove, IL
Our only in Frederick, this museum did an excellent job portraying what it was like to have been a patient during the Civil War. A real eye opener as to how medicine was revolutionized during the years of war.

Trip Advisor Not gory at all
Aug 29, 2014 by: millc54 from Indian Shores, Florida
We decided on this museum as it is something different and we could both enjoy. The exhibit starts with myths about old-time medicine and is a good read. The top floor is full of information about how medicine and medical practices were performed under field conditions. It showed how advances were made and how the ambulance service evolved. On the lower floor there was a dentistry area with some instruments and depictions. There were doctor’s notes and diaries from nurses. Throughout the museum there were letters, medical histories and some medical cases in words and pictures. There were also many examples of the doctor’s tools and medicines and the drugs they used at the time and what they were used for. The last part of the exhibit in total contrast was models of what is being used in present day warfare. The goriest item was a gangrenous arm and hand preserved in a jar. There is an elevator to the top floor. If you go to the Visitors Center they will give you a BOBO for the entrance fee.

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