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Trip Advisor Not for young kids
Jan 31, 2015 by: 314Matt from Gaithersburg, Maryland
The museum was small but interesting, they had a model train and it included a 2 mile trolley ride. However the volunteers clearly did not know how to work with young children and were annoyed when they acted like you would expect young children to act. i.e. touch stuff.

Trip Advisor Nice little gem
Jan 09, 2015 by: emilyl32 from 
Its easy to miss to miss this small museum but worth finding. We had my son's 4th birthday party here, when he was mad fir trains and it was perfect. They have restored trolley cars that run every 15 minutes or so. If this is all you do, its worth the trip. The inside of the museum is fairly small, but they hqve a "garage" where they work on restoring trolley cars that you can walk through. Very good way to spend a couple hours. Make sure you check the hoirs beforw making the trip, as they vary by the season and are usually only open during the weekends.

Trip Advisor Fun find!
Sep 30, 2014 by: JessBO25 from Washington DC, District of Columbia
While not huge, this museum is a fun find for folks interested in trolleys/transportation, or just learning more about the history and evolution of the DC area. It presents interesting information on the ways in which DC and the surrounding suburbs have changed over the decades (and how technology, as well as social and economic changes intersect). I learned a lot about landmarks that still exist today--and cool parts of this areas' history I had never heard of. Admission is inexpensive and includes a 2 mile ride on a trolley. Great collection of trolleys from across the globe, fun short movie clips highlighting trolleys in American culture and some interactive activities for kids. Informative and friendly staff.

Trip Advisor Ride the Rails Again
Sep 29, 2014 by: jeffl499 from Alexandria, VA
The plan to reintroduce trolley cars into Washington, DC makes this museum even more interesting. Set off in country acreage in Colesville just north of Route 200, the Museum opened in 1969-1970 and has continued to grow its collection of trolley and street cars. Two buildings house an interesting array of historic cars stretching back into the late 19th century. The staff brings each car to life with a short narrative account of its place in the storied history of urban transportation. A dedicated crew of volunteers has teamed up with expert craftsmen to refurbish many of the cars. The highlight of the visit is a 20-minute ride in a 1950s streetcar out into the woods and back. The guide acts as motorman with all the required stops along the way (including a family of deer this afternoon). The creaking rails and periodic bumps around the turns jog memories of the past in cities that were committed to public transportation by rail. Very knowledgeable and welcoming staff makes the visit ($5) well worth the drive.

Trip Advisor An Enjoyable Experience For The Whole Family
Aug 25, 2014 by: mothergirl from Maryland
We keep going back to this place again and again. We started going with a children and now we take our friends and their children there to visit. They have a very good educative program about trolley cars which includes story time and hands on coloring activity for the children. There is a small movie area and we do enjoy the hilarious movies they show there. They also have an interactive train exhibit that children love to watch and play with. The crown jewel is the train ride through the park. The train driver/conductor always tells a little history about trollies. Children get excited about having their own ticket stamped. On a good day you can spot a deer or two along the way. Check opening times from their website. You need to buy tickets to ride the trolly but every other activity is free.

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