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Trip Advisor Ride the Rails Again
Sep 29, 2014 by: jeffl499 from Alexandria, VA
The plan to reintroduce trolley cars into Washington, DC makes this museum even more interesting. Set off in country acreage in Colesville just north of Route 200, the Museum opened in 1969-1970 and has continued to grow its collection of trolley and street cars. Two buildings house an interesting array of historic cars stretching back into the late 19th century. The staff brings each car to life with a short narrative account of its place in the storied history of urban transportation. A dedicated crew of volunteers has teamed up with expert craftsmen to refurbish many of the cars. The highlight of the visit is a 20-minute ride in a 1950s streetcar out into the woods and back. The guide acts as motorman with all the required stops along the way (including a family of deer this afternoon). The creaking rails and periodic bumps around the turns jog memories of the past in cities that were committed to public transportation by rail. Very knowledgeable and welcoming staff makes the visit ($5) well worth the drive.

Trip Advisor An Enjoyable Experience For The Whole Family
Aug 25, 2014 by: mothergirl from Maryland
We keep going back to this place again and again. We started going with a children and now we take our friends and their children there to visit. They have a very good educative program about trolley cars which includes story time and hands on coloring activity for the children. There is a small movie area and we do enjoy the hilarious movies they show there. They also have an interactive train exhibit that children love to watch and play with. The crown jewel is the train ride through the park. The train driver/conductor always tells a little history about trollies. Children get excited about having their own ticket stamped. On a good day you can spot a deer or two along the way. Check opening times from their website. You need to buy tickets to ride the trolly but every other activity is free.

Trip Advisor Wonderful Trolley Museum with Friendly Staff
Jul 09, 2014 by: ManicUSAVisitor from London, England
Don't be put off by the narrow country lane that leads to this attraction as a little gem awaits you at its end. Not too much to see in the museum area although there is a great model trolley layout and if you like silent films there is a selection featuring trolleys. The fun starts with the trolley rides and I had two and the guided tour of the Trolley Barn, although I got into some trouble when discussing the English Blackpool Tram and had to disagree with the guide.

Trip Advisor Hidden Gem
May 28, 2014 by: LaLaBoo1 from DMV
I never knew this place was here!! I went with the Hubs to one of his photo meet-ups and this is where we ended up! I was fascinated by the history of trolleys and the vintage cars they had on display. It is also a great place for kid birthday parties

Trip Advisor We Still Call Them Street Cars
Apr 29, 2014 by: Ben_Theretoo406 from Chevy Chase, Maryland
Following a sumptuous Sunday brunch, Mrs Too and I drove just a few miles to revisit the National Capital Trolley Museum. This was our first visit to the museum’s new facility, replacing a previous one which was badly damaged by a fire. The museum is not exciting for adults in any sense, but it is very interesting and provides an enjoyable few hours especially on a most welcome spring afternoon, following a protracted and unusually harsh winter. The collection of trolleys (street cars to many of us) is intriguing and features vehicles from numerous international sources. Although we are both now domiciliary Marylanders, Ben was born in Washington and Mrs Too in Boston. We grew up riding street cars, Ben to Griffith Stadium, she to Fenway Park, and other fun destinations in both cities. One of the features in the exhibit hall is a powered model layout consisting of a compressed section of the old Connecticut Avenue line, which carried funseekers from downtown Washington to Chevy Chase Lake, an amusement park and entertainment center owned by the trolley company. Another Washington-born native named Kate Smith sang here early in her career in the 1920's. Mrs Too was quite delighted to see that the model trolley passed within one block of our home. Volunteers act as docents, as well as operators of the various trolleys as they take visitors on an out and back trolley ride through the museum property. The ride is fun, and humming along through the park spotting wild turkey and deer, it is hard to remember that one is only fifteen miles from the White House. If you are visiting Washington by auto with children, an afternoon at the trolley museum is a great way to let them work off some pent up steam. The exhibit hall also houses a small alcove which shows a series of old silent films featuring “street cars”. These are more fun to watch than you might think. Be sure to check their website before visiting, as days and hours are in some flux.

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