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Trip Advisor Best 6 Flags park on the East coast
Nov 24, 2014 by: JJB99 from 
I've been here 3 times, Great Adventure 4 times and New England too many to count and rate America the best of the bunch. My daughter and I are roller coaster fans and like all three parks for the variety and size of the coasters, but what sets apart America is the lines are much shorter that the other parks and their admission is cheaper. A win-win in my book.

Trip Advisor Close to home
Nov 21, 2014 by: Elias David B from 
This is not as good as Hershey, PA or Busch Gardens, VA. It is a better than average amusement park/water park. The biggest advantage is that it is close to home for hundreds of thousands of people. We love the Halloween spectacular most of all. They have a large army of private security. The park is clean. The admission rates are very reasonable. We like to visit before school lets out or after the school year resumes.

Trip Advisor Fright Fest is Perfect for Fall
Nov 05, 2014 by: qwertysaah from Frederick
My friends and I visited Six Flags in November, when Fright Fest was ending, and I'm so glad we got a chance! We started our day a little before 1PM and since the park was not crowded at all, we ended up getting on all of the roller coasters. We never had to wait, and sometimes the three of us were the only ones on the ride! It was cold out, but I think the adrenaline rush of getting on all of those coasters kept us warm. We rode all of them by 3:30, then we went back and rode our favorites (try Joker's Jinx and the Batwing!) again. At 6, fright fest started with the creepy and cool Awakening. Then people in really good costumes came running at the crowd and dispersed themselves throughout the park, effectively turning the entire thing into an haunted maze where a monster could jump out at you any time. They were really cool and made the evening spectacular... I just wish I had taken a good camera to get pictures of all the cool stuff in the park and some of the fright fest stuff. I hear that even in the last couple of weeks in October, the park isn't busy. I would recommend going at this time of year. And if you do, make sure to look online, at partnering restaurants, or on coke cans for deals on the tickets. I ended up paying full price (around $60 and still worth it) when I could have paid $35-40. Oh, and two things I didn't like were the hot apple cider (some sort of disgusting instant mix, I think...) and the way the Apocalypse coaster bumped our heads and caused some pain. Everything else was good (mmm, funnel cake and kettle corn!)

Trip Advisor Great theme park!
Nov 04, 2014 by: emmam731 from Quantico, Virginia
My family and I visited here twice last month. We were a little nervous because it has somewhat of a bad reputation. We decided to go and see for ourselves since they had a good military special on ticket prices. It was only $26 per person and it included parking. Can't beat that! We had a great time for fright fest! The lines were slim to none which is phenomenal because we are used to packed theme parks. We got on ALL the rides more than once. Our favorite was Superman ride of Steel. The workers were so nice and offered many times to take a family pic of us with our camera. Special shout out to Dionte!! We had small issue with my daughter not being able to ride Batwing. They said she wasn't tall enough even though she is definitely 54 inches and rode everything else without any issues. They told us to go get a wrist band for her height and they would let her on however after walking all the way to the front of park, they said they don't give out wrist bands anymore. Long story short, we got connected with Dionte who personally verified her height and walked us to the ride and we didn't have to wait at all! Excellent costumer service. Definitely go and give this place a shot! Not sure if lines are long in the summer, but for Fright Fest two times lines were almost non existent.

Trip Advisor What we wanted from a US theme park
Nov 02, 2014 by: geckokus from London, United Kingdom
We drove from New York to Miami with a stop in orlando. Everyone said we should do the parks but only had 2 days there with so much else to see and prices of the orlando prks so high we looked for other options along the way. Man was I glad that I found this place for our stay in Washington (just a half hour drive). We came here early to get some rides in before the fright fest, but even though it was a gorgeous day we didn't have to arrive early as it was very quiet. The longest we waited for a ride was maybe 10 minutes if that (some rides had no queue at all). With our local theme park being Thorpe Park in the UK we are used to 45 minute + waits all year. I am sure queues can get long here but this was very impressive. As a result we managed the following rides: Superman Ride of Steel - VERY high (not great for people with a fear of heights like me) and as a result very fast. I was worried going up the first hill as it took for ever but really enjoyed this ride. Jokers Jynx - Was shut all day until it turned dark at which point we managed to ride this. What an amazing and fast launch coaster - you don't know which way up you are half the time. Best roller coaster I have ever been on! Apocalypse - Like swarm in Thorpe park but done standing up, which was a really novel idea and made it feel very different to a seating coaster. Bat Wing - My wife loved this, and I absolutely hated it. I have a fear of heights and falling. Sitting in a coaster is fine but laying down with my face pointed at the floor terrified me to the point where I really couldn't enjoy it. Mind Eraser - Like Nemesis at Chessington before it moved to Thorpe Park. it is an old coaster with few innovations, but it is a track layout which works and is enjoyable. Roar - Very loud and it really shakes you up. The corners in this coaster are crazy. Wild One - the first ride we went on during our visit and my first wooden coaster. I couldn't believe how fast it was - really good fun way to start the day. The whole day was made better by the fright fest. The americans really know how to do halloween and the huge number of scare mazes were great fun with lots of different concepts - from 3d enviroments to outdoor mazes. There are also tons of actors walking around scaring people. Finally the open ceremony (the awakening) was absolutely spectacular and made the perfect way to start the evenings activites. Just to finish, as with every theme park around the world, the food is very expensive and terrible, but if you know theme parks you will most likely come here expecting that! All in all one of my favourite things we did in the USA!

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