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Trip Advisor Six Flags put out children having fun!
Sep 15, 2014 by: Gordon B from Baltimore, Maryland, United States
My experience after spending over $400.00 for my family was very disappointing. It was raining the first 5 hours and most of the rides and games were closed. My nephew and his cousin ages 25 and 10 where put out and both given $50.00 citations for playing with a basketball in front of the game stand. The 10 year old child was banded for a year because he was playing with the ball. The ball was not removed from the immediate area. This was completely unacceptable. The stand was closed but the basketsballs were sitting on the ledge. i will never visit this park again nor will a have anything good to say about this park. Who would put a 10yr old out of a park for playing with a ball. Apparently SIX FLAG OF MARYLAND!

Trip Advisor Fun park and great rides!
Sep 14, 2014 by: lashk from 
The rides here were in much better condition than parks with the same rides. The coasters were a lot smoother than others we've experienced. We had a good time!

Trip Advisor Needs A Lot of Help
Sep 10, 2014 by: swacer from Knoxville, TN
I will start off by saying that we did enjoy our day at Six Flags America and I would never advise anyone to stay away from this park. The setting for the park is nice and I actually do not mind the odd layout given the space they have to work with. However, I gave it this rating because saying it is "Average" for an amusement park would be giving it too much credit - it is well below average. The park does have a decent collection of coasters as far as quantity goes, but most suffer from lack of maintenance and have become more painful than they should be and just look worn. They could also use a few more flat rides. Overall, the park appears larger than it is because there are so few attractions that they get spread out over the area. The absolute worst part of this park is the operations. This was a slow day with short lines for everything (except for their newest recycled spinning mouse coaster). In any other park, almost everything would have been a walk-on. However, due to the horrible operations at each and every ride, it took almost double the time to get through everything as it should have. Ride ops were having conversations with each other about what they were going to do later while a train would just sit in the station already loaded with people waiting to be checked and sent on. At Superman, it was taking an average of 5 minutes to unload the train, load it again, and dispatch it (and no, I am not counting the ride time in that). Ride ops were also freely allowing line-jumping without batting an eye. I watched as one stared at two kids slid under the rails to get into the front of the line. He said nothing to them. Then, their chaperon came up (they were with some sort of summer program) and I expected her to tell them to come back to the end of the line (where they had been). No, instead, the kids told her it would be quicker if she came under the railing too, which she proceeded to do. The ride op just watched her climb under the bar then went back to looking at his control panel. The entire day, almost every employee seemed indifferent towards the guests and acted as if they hated being there. The only thing that we were especially pleased with at the park was our lunch. The employee working the Fried stand where we ate was very friendly. She was struggling to keep up with the orders as she was the only one in the booth and had to take orders, prepare the food, and fill drinks all by herself. But she managed to do so and still smile and talk to customers and the food was actually decently-priced and pretty good. She must have missed the day in orientation where they are taught indifference to customers.

Trip Advisor even off season is great
Sep 07, 2014 by: tctommy from Alexandria, Virginia
although the water park wasn't open we had a great time We have a season pass that includes parking($20)and food ,2 meals and drinks all day. park entrance fee is $60 so look into one even if you only get here 2 or three times it pays for itself. once you come here you will see how nice it is and say thank you Steven (my step son) who turned us on to it. After All the grandkids REALLY love this place so that means we want to be here with them. We are looking forward to Halloween season that starts soon because they have special attractions./

Trip Advisor Still making improvements
Sep 07, 2014 by: Amusementparkguy from Pataskala
This Six Flags park seems to have a hit or miss schedule when it comes to my experiences there. The past few visits have been good overall. The employees are friendly and generally efficient. The ride selection is not bad. A few more coasters and spinning rides will help disperse crowds on the busiest days. Visiting during the week is your best bet. Food quality is acceptable. Prices are a bit high. The park chain does offer some incentives like a meal pass to a park, and season pass holders get some discounts on merchandise including food at other sister Six Flags parks. Water park is included with admission.

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