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Trip Advisor Hmmmm, why did we bother?
Jul 22, 2014 by: ThemeParkJunkiesAus from Adelaide, Australia
Ok, so I will try to be gentle, This park is very run down and is essentially " the park that Six Flags forgot". It has a number of rides that were good in their day, like Superman and Batwing, but it's a tired park in every respect. Admittedly we came here after three days at King's Dominion, so any comparisons are not going to be favour able. SFA is run by young kids who look like they barely know what they are doing. We went there to process season passes and barely lasted two hours in the empty park. Rides like Apocalypse looked great but were very mediocre. The Penguin ride with the rafts had us in stitches when we had to paddle our own raft to the ramp and then physically hold onto the raft behind us to drag it onto the ramp. All this while being yelled at by the ride op. The wooden coaster was passable, but the ride ops seemed more interested in delaying proceedings as long as possible. Superman looked impressive and would be passable if we hadn't just come from intimidator 305 at KD. In summary, I would avoid this place and travel to SF Great Adventure instead. I can't believe they are owned by the same company.

Trip Advisor Fun time for all!
Jul 21, 2014 by: Paul J from Davidsonville, Maryland
We had a terrific time at six flags. We got to enjoy a lot of the rides. It was surprising that it was on a Sunday in July and there weren't that many rides with waits. The Penguin was not fun, because of all the water inside the raft. I wish I had on sandals. The day was great.

Trip Advisor Awesome rides with great customer service
Jul 21, 2014 by: Jeff N from Lexington Park, Maryland
Had a blast at this Six flags. The staff all went out of their way to make sure we knew all that the park offered. Trust me I love roller coasters, and this park delivers! I'm glad there was some one that stoped to explain about all the great shows going on and the times, if you stop to see any do not miss the Gladiator show!

Trip Advisor Great amusement park for little ones!
Jul 20, 2014 by: Becky G from 22181
We went with two six year olds and two three year olds. We were a little afraid that there wouldn't be many rides they could go on, but there were plenty, plus they loved the ball area and playground. And all the train rides were a big hit with the little boys!

Trip Advisor Frequent visitor for 10 years - getting better all the time!
Jul 20, 2014 by: bishkek09 from Washington, D.C.
I have frequently visited this park for the past ten years and have noticed a marked improvement. The park used to be "sketchy," especially after dark. While there will probably always be groups of raucous teens, the park is overall much more family-friendly than it used to be. There's a nice toddler park, playground, and plenty of rides for all ages. When going with little kids, parents can take turns on the rides, letting one parent stay with the little ones, while the other rides, and not lose your place in line. Great fun for the whole family and a bargain if you buy the season pass!

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