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Trip Advisor Worth Seeing
Sep 05, 2014 by: Go2theZoo from Layton, Utah
If you are an art lover, this is something you should certainly check out. The admission is free and it's easy to navigate. It's located inside a very pretty park, with walking trails and a pond. I was visiting with a couple of children, but would love to come back by myself, or at least with other adults. We had to kind of hurry so that their little hands wouldn't get curious and want to touch. There is a wide variety of art pieces from sculpture and paintings to tapestry and furniture. There was also very pretty pottery and glass works. The kids loved a case that was filled with art projects made by children from items in nature and garbage. They wanted to go home and see if we could find some things to make art of our own. I'm not sure if that is a permanent exhibit, but they loved looking at it. The only thing that bumps them down from a 5 is the staff. Since I showed up with children, I think they assumed they might be unruly, and I was told in a not so nice tone that this isn't a place that caters to children and they might not like it. I told them I'd make sure they were good, as I'd prepped them before entering that this is a place, like church, where we don't yell and run, and we don't touch anything. I noticed as we entered the second room that there was a security guard following me. I'm not sure if it was on purpose or if he was just following his route, but he seemed to stick with us. It made it a little less enjoyable feeling like we were under a microscope, but if you don't go with children, I assume you won't receive this kind of treatment.

Trip Advisor great museam
Aug 30, 2014 by: Samantha B from Hagerstown, Maryland
it is a great museum there is lots to see. however, there is not much variety of mediums or styles. Most of the art seems very European.

Trip Advisor Worth Seeing
Aug 13, 2014 by: Alison K from Hagerstown, Maryland
Excellent. Well worth the trip. The museum is fascinating, and the park is absolutely gorgeous! The displays will not disappoint. The environment is clean and well-kept.

Trip Advisor great little museum
Aug 03, 2014 by: singlemomoftwins from Lindenhurst, New York
It only takes about an hour to see the whole museum. Admission is free, and the museum is located in a pretty park. Very nice exhibits for a small museum.

Trip Advisor Discovering a hidden gem on a spring day
Jun 15, 2014 by: MirabelleL_12 from Frederick, Maryland
The museum is situated by a spacious natural park facing a clear lake with jumping fishes and graceful swans. The entrance is welcoming and the side glass pavilion reveals a beautiful Diana sculpture (see photo). This museum has great layout for comfortable and relaxed viewing of the collections ranging from classic to modern pieces. There are also a small room dedicated to impressive glass art collections. I am indeed impressed by my discovery visit of the museum!

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