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Trip Advisor Very knowledgable guides
Nov 03, 2013 by: Eng513ine from 
The building might seem run down but it has a cool old look to it, and the same on the inside. The cave is nice with a lot of features, stalactites, stalagmites, ribbons and columns. The guides are very good and you can tell they enjoy their jobs. The cave is kinda small but they are still opening up new sections, so expect a tour to run around 40 minutes. Really worth a stop to go check out.

Trip Advisor Family enterprise, good for the kids
Oct 29, 2013 by: Ernie B from Christiansburg, Virginia
The caverns were discovered years ago while doing nearby construction. The family which owns the land has been developing the caverns every since, kind of a spoonful of mud removed at a time. We had a special pass to visit, so don't know the actual cost. There are some interesting formations, but if you've visited many caves at all this one will be disappointing. Still, if you are interested in geology, it's an interesting experience. Our tourguide was the son of the owner. His first question was did we want the "tourist" tour of or the "scientific" tour. We elected the tourist version which took about 20 minutes. Wish now that we'd asked for the scientific version - I sense he has a genuine interest in explaining the caves geologic features.

Trip Advisor Small, but full of features
Oct 21, 2013 by: Ed W from Perkasie, Pennsylvania, United States
I had driven by this cavern too many times to count, but its exterior kept me away. However, there wasn't much else in the area worth seeing as Antietam National Battlefield was closed due to the shut-down. I thought the $20 entrance fee was pretty steep, but reserved judgement until I got in the cave. The cave itself was rather small, though they will be opening another section soon. It is a fissure cave, so it is tight, if you have claustrophobia, you may want to let the guide know. Even though it was fairly pricey, narrow and small, the sheer amount of geological features is impressive. Virtually every surface has features. The guide was quite knowledgeable, as well. Overall, as the only commercial 'show' cave in Maryland, it is worth the stop.

Trip Advisor Pleasantly Surprised
Oct 14, 2013 by: Danwade from Athens, Alabama
We were looking for something to do while we had some time in the middle of the day in Boonsboro and decided to go to the grottoes. It took about 40 minutes and we very much enjoyed the underground sights. The guide is the third generation owner and quite young. He seemed to be very informed and enthusiastic. I would recommend a visit here to anyone of any age. I think the price is a bit high relative to what you get.

Trip Advisor Authentic
Oct 07, 2013 by: sladana from Washington, DC
I expected a hokey experience with minimal geologic formations. So I was pleasantly surprised as that was not correct. The spaces were tight, so it may not be advisable if you are large or claustrophobic. Frankly if you have mobility issues it wont be a good idea. Also the proximity in tight spaces mean your co-visitors' personalities is important to the enjoyment. I was surprised to pay $20 for something I had never heard of before. The price seems high but it was the real deal. Much smaller scale than Luray though.

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