HB 1590 Responsibilities of the MTDB
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HB 1590 Responsibilities of the MTDB 

  1. Draft and implement a 5-year strategic plan for the promotion and development of tourism in Maryland.
  2. Draft and implement an annual marketing plan consistent with the strategic plan.
  3. Establish an annual operating budget consistent with the marketing plan.
  4. Protect, preserve, promote and restore the natural, historical, scenic and cultural resources of the state for the benefit of tourism growth.
  5. Encourage the development of new tourism resources, products, businesses, and attractions in the state.
  6. Facilitate the movement and activities of tourists to, from and within the state through signs, information aids and other services.
  7. Improve the safety and security of tourists in the state.
  8. Encourage and facilitate training and education of individuals for jobs in the tourism industry, and provide a healthy environment for the development of human resources in the tourism business.
  9. Encourage residents to pursue careers in the tourism industry.
  10. Produce a climate conducive to small tourism business growth and viability.
  11. Review existing and proposed taxes, fees, licenses, regulations and regulatory procedures affecting tourism and tourism businesses in Maryland and evaluate their impact on the ability of the industry to create employment and generate income.
  12. Support the conducting of research necessary to evaluate, plan and execute effective tourism programs.
  13. Cooperate with other public and private sector agencies and organizations in the development and promotion of the state’s tourism and travel industries.
  14. Encourage, assist, and coordinate the tourism activities of local and regional promotional organizations.
  15. Publish and submit to the secretary an annual report and other material that the board considers appropriate.
  16. Set policies regarding the expenditures of appropriated and other funds for tourism advertising, written and graphic materials, cooperative and matching promotional programs, and other tourism and travel developmental and promotional activities for the state.
  17. Spend funds of the MTDB for planning, advertising, promotion, and assistance of tourism and travel industries in the state.